seeing double

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // "Higher Than the Stars"

Words cannot express how much I love this band. Their new EP is so good. Oh, and Kip Berman (their guitarist and vocalist) messaged me on Last.FM after I added him. What a cool dude. It's almost like that one time when Chris Bear responded to my tweet about his awesome hat (I still haven't found one like it, FYI). It warms my ice cold heart when people in bands actually respond to messages!

But yeah, I am a crappy blogger, so here are some obligatory outfit photobooth pix:

(t-shirt, tights, and skirt all from target / bag + field boots from UO / bow headband by astraea on etsy / kensie belt / same old mbmj watch, fredflare harmonica necklace, and vintage ring / saints bracelet from God knows where, ZING!)

(A.P.C. shirt / kensie belt / american apparel jersey pocket skirt / UO boots)

(f21 dress / kensie belt / old navy cardigan / target lace-up sandals)

In other news, I think I'm going to Toronto on the 23rd! My cousin is getting married on the 25th. I'm excited. But I have to dig into my savings to pay for my plane ticket (and a fall coat ffffffuuuuuuuu), which pains me to do so because I'm desperately trying to save my money.

Some other things:

- I e-mailed Josh, the manager of Ra Ra Riot, and practically begged him to book a stop in Miami for a future tour. He actually responded and said they were taking time off to make a new record, but he also promised to get them to Miami. PLZ GOD, DON'T LET THIS PROMISE GET BROKEN. I should do this more often. I feel like a lot of bands avoid playing shows down here, which makes me kinda sad.
- I don't even think about buying clothes anymore because I am so preoccupied with thinking about saving up for an electric guitar. I want one so bad, I was messing around with a friend's Jackson last weekend and I basically hogged it the whole night. I kept playing "Ceremony" by New Order and "Maps"...of course. Because I am a loser. Oh and I totally fucked up the A string on my acoustic guitar when I tried replacing it by myself the other day. Nevar again.

The end.