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The Hood Internet // "Two Weeks of Hip-Hop" (Grizzly Bear vs. Dead Prez)

It took me two months to develop these, oops.


oh boy

(from Anthem, Mar/Apr 2007)


what's in my bag today:

Gum, cell phone, Ray-Ban Wayfarers & case, eye drops, Miami-Dade public transit pass, Anthem magazine (issue no. 27, March/April 2007), Marc Jacobs heart compact mirror, wallet, house key and assorted keychains, Tide-to-Go pen, writing utensils (Jason Schwartzman used the red pen to sign something for me a couple of years ago and I haven't thrown it out because I am a loser/freak), MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner (the little black circular thing next to the magazine), Chapstick, VapoInhaler stick, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, iPod nano and case, umbrella, big Moleskine notebook.

DatA // "One in a Million"




Buddy: It's okay to be confused, Eric.
Eric: Yeah, you know, sometimes, I feel like...I dunno, like we're in a movie, right? And um, I'm nervous around her. And I feel like I'm playing this part, right? But it's not me.

lack of color

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // "Young Adult Friction"

Dress: F21
Boots: Urban Outfitters (We Who See)
Harmonica necklace: Fredflare

summer in the south (pt. 1)

© me // more

(skip to 2:44 for instant gratification)

Because words cannot even express.


Albert Hammond Jr. // "Spooky Couch"

Sweet dreamz.

dark bubbles

Click it.

ew, humidity

Shirt: A.P.C.
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nail Polish: "You Don't Know Jacques" by OPI
Ring: Vintage (my mom's)

So I'm back in Miami, after hanging out in North Carolina for a couple of months. I'm bitter. I can't wear this shirt here without sweating like crazy. Gross. I also can't wear it without thinking about how crisp and unwrinkled it was when I first got it, and how amazing my summer turned out to be (read: I SAW GRIZZLY BEAR AND STOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF CHRIS BEAR AND HIS DRUMSET). Wah wah wah. Note: Radek said he likes this shirt and watch combo. THANKS AGAIN BB, THIS ONE'S 4 U.

FYI: I've been avoiding Blogspot for months just because it's so much easier to use Tumblr. Apparently, writing more than 10 sentences is heavily frowned upon in the Tumblr world, especially since it's literally just a log of every user's stream of consciousness. But I like to talk/write a lot when it comes to hawt fashunz. And I honestly think my aversion to Blogspot is deeply rooted in the fact that I'm slightly fascinated by most of the predominant fashion blogs that already exist. Wanting to start up a ~fashion blog~ for yourself is a little difficult when there are already a bunch with established audiences. I'm a little freaked out by that. Not necessarily intimidated, just mostly impressed.